Having immigrated to New York City from Albania at an early age, growing up between two drastically different cultures, my interests lie in investigating and understanding the roles that personal and cultural identity, history, and collective memory play in informing and shaping the individual and society.


The platforms I have used to investigate these issues and to express my ideas include journalism, documentary film, and the web-based interactive documentary. My goal as a media maker is to shed light on underreported issues and to provide a platform through which people’s voices may be amplified and shared across communities.


My most recent work, “Archive of Memory”, is an ongoing, web-based oral history project that addresses Albania’s communist past through oral accounts of some of the innumerable injustices carried out under the 50-year dictatorship. My main concern in creating this project is for former politically persecuted Albanians to connect with one another, and so that younger generations may access personal histories that would otherwise be lost with the passing of time.